Monthly Building Permit Activity Report

CIRB sincerely appreciates your time and attention to providing current and accurate building permit information in this monthly form. Do not hesitate to call 916-340-3340 or email us at with any questions or concerns you may have. Please aim to submit this information before the last week of each month.

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Note: Form fields below marked with an asterisk are required. We encourage you to hover your cursor over the "i" (tooltip) icons to the left of the building code numbers on the form to make sure building activity is entered in the appropriate form fields. If your jurisdiction did not issue any (or any applicable) building permits for the month reported, please scroll to the bottom of the form and check the box for no applicable permits.

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New Residential Building

Code Description No. of Housing Units No. of Permits Dollar Valuation of Construction

New Nonresidential Buildings

Code Description Dollar Valuation of Construction

Additions, Alterations and Conversions of Existing Structures

Code Description Dollar Valuation of Construction

Energy Permits

Total Valuation of Permits Issued